Writchal #4 – Fireworks

The crowd sings a cheer as the sun dips into the horizon.
The closing curtains mark the end of the festival.
All that left after the festival is the lingering feeling of delight.
Being able to reap the fruit of her toil, the girl can’t hide her swaying tail.
As she ponders in elation, a loud noise twitches her ears.


Lifting her head upward, orange gleam reflected on her eyes.
In the vast, lonely sky, flickering flames escort the stars in their journey.
The flame coruscates in the vast sky, rivaling the cheering of the crowd.
As the flame shows its fervor, so does the crowd.
And as the flame fades, so does the crowd.


Dimming embers embellishing the sky leave nothing but a picture in the memory of those who sees.
So does the crowd, as their fervor etched on the memory of the girl.
The ethereal scenery, the fleeting cheers, is this the last?
Leaning on the railing with her head on top of her palms, she gazes upon the sky.


“The sky is beautiful, isn’t it?” Said the girl as sparkles sprinkle her eyes.
As her voice reverberates in the cold night, another girl with a green hair approaches.
“Indeed it is.” Said the green haired girl.
Leaning on the railing, the two girls remain silent as wind brushes their cheeks.
“I want to see this beautiful sky again.” The girl said.
“Well, maybe you can start from helping me to clean the mess?” Said a boy while bringing a broomstick and a mop in both hands.
“Oh, I thought you already dozed off.” Said another boy.
“So, shall we begin?” Said the green haired girl.
“Yes!” Said the girl as her fang greets the night with her smile.

Writchal #4 sekaligus yang terakhir dari masa kepengurusan 2022 hingga 2023 bertemakan “Fireworks”. Berbeda dengan umumnya, writchal ini berlangsung selama 2 minggu dari tanggal 1 Juni 2023 hingga 15 Juni 2023.

Pada writchal ini, terdapat 4 submisi hingga tulisan ini dipublikasikan. Namun, terdapat 1 submisi yang tidak bersedia untuk dipublikasikan.

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