Chapter 1

The website was created during the 10th sovereign, a beginning of change, or so they said. Starting from a little curiosity about Genshiken’s website, many things occurred like a snowball until the birth of this site. Akin to a flower who have yet to bloom, the site undergoes most of its development during this period.

Will it bloom? Or will it decay? Or will it be frozen in time?

This page is dedicated to the Writchal(s) submitted during the 10th sovereign – Divisi Story Genshiken 2021/2022.

“Atop the mound of decade-old pile of abandoned books from previous era, a dormant seed took root. Shapeless, formless, it tried to create something for itself. The seed clumsily sprouted like a newborn infant. Not by itself, but by the support of its surrounding environment. A little place called home for it to grow in peace.”

And with that, a chapter concluded in the book of Story.