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You remember this thing? This thing existed since ages ago, recorded in history, written in the book of fate.
But no one knew it existed. This thing’s existence only serve its purpose as a proof of the nuances of mankind’s imperfection.

Simply because no one bothers.

This page is dedicated to published works excluded from Writchal.

We grant those who wish to publish their works. We provide, we archive, we remember (we think). Dive deep into the writer’s imagination, click one that piqued your interest below:

We hope you find what you look for and we wish you a safe journey towards the future that lies ahead. The journey ahead might be tiring, an ordeal one must endure to see the future that lies ahead. But, remember this:

Take a rest once in a while, enjoy the time as you savor gifts around, as a journey have lost its meaning when one doesn’t take a rest and savor the little things you have found along the journey.
But don’t indulge too long, as you will forget the one true premise of your journey.
Brave the future.