Four heroes, four journeys.

CHRONICLE tells a tale of four people each with their own past. One wills to end the war, one wills to protect their loved, one wills to explore the world, one wills to change fate itself.

(Warning: CHRONICLE is based on the world and setting from [Lore GST 2021]. You might want to read it first.)

  1. Fabulam Spei et Amoris
  3. Lost
  4. beauty and the immortal beast.

An anthology of short stories written and illustrated by 永遠海のサバイバーズ (Survivors of The Eternal Sea). Submitted as part of TA GST 2021. You can check out the published version (also other works of TA GST 2021) here:

CHRONICLE (Published Version)

Partheus’ Story written by Nexa – G’21
Pradja’s Story and Illustration done by Pradja – G’21
Erina’s Story written by Rin – G’21
Zev’s Story written by Zul – G’21
Partheus, Erina, and Zev’s Illustrations done by Virna – G’21

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