The Beginning: Lore GST 2021

“If we can bring the future into the present, then all possibilities will cease to exist.”
=Saccharia Guladottir=

Two years after the Great Centurial Passage, an inconspicuous researcher published a paper postulating the existence of untapped potential energy termed “Fate”—a wellspring of energy presiding over the limitless possibilities from the future. Her name was Saccharia Guladottir, the pioneer of the end of “Zeroth Generation”, the last kin when mankind had yet to grasp the means of altering the future present.

The year was 2021. A single lone meteorite fell down on Earth. It brought down not only the ruination of the country it struck, Zwede, but also a mysterious particle of unknown origin—the “Coronium“. Garnering full attention from the scientific field, Coronium was quickly found to be capable of harnessing the “Fate” energy, an unworldly potential energy prophesied nineteen years ago by Saccharia Guladottir.

Despite having a huge crater right at their capital city, the country of Zwede regained their power by spearheading in Coronium research, owing their breakthrough to Saccharia Guladottir as their lead researcher. Not long after, Zwede immediately took hold of all Coronium rights to own and use.

Possessing the only material that could alter the present by bringing potential energy from the future was akin to having an inexhaustible source of energy. News went rampant, conspiracies emerged on every corner of the world like a plague. Mankind deemed Coronium to be a very potent and utopian particle, one that nobody should own. Thus, in 2025, the World Council finally gave their verdict for Zwede to hand over all of the Coronium.

But the nobility of Zwede won’t concede, and instead declared their independence from the World Council. Domineering with newfound Coronium technology, they veered over into militaristic approach. Harnessing the energy of Fate, Zwede created an army of Coronium Puppet—shortened “Copet“. An inhuman amalgamation of machinery and organic, The Copets barely have any emotion and no longer retain their human will. With their semblance as ‘war fodder’, they could tough over countless battle through endless source of energy until they were shot dead. Some questions their rights as a “human”, but even more consider they deserve no rights as a tool for dominating the world.

In the year 2045, the country of Zwede converted their national religion into “Rakkipütr” and declared their newfound rule of theocracy under the name “Empire of Zwede”. Guided by their gray morality, the Copets began their march extensively over the Euterpean Continent to spread their all-encompassing faith. Met with varying degree of reception, Zwede Empire paid no heed to the amassing plea for peace. The World Council feared that it might spell for something even worse than the pandemic we once had survived. And so, the rest of the world found themselves to fall under the same banner—to stop the advance of Empire of Zwede at all cost. Thus marked the beginning of “World War C”—an arduous attempt from the United Front of Earth against the relentless ambition of Zwedean nobilities.

Around the year 2059, the first human with fully-integrated Coronium Core was successfully created in Zwede. Unlike the previous Copets, the subject was capable of utilizing Coronium and manipulate Fate energy whilst retaining her humanity. Complete with her virtually immortal life and human will intact, she was feared as an unstoppable force that would end the world with her own two hands.

Only, shortly after, she ran away. And with her, the Coronium Core.

She was “Ashin”. A weaponized human with remaining will. The first “Coronium Doll”—shortened “Corday”.

For the remainder of the decade, Ashin went missing, but throughout the years, Empire of Zwede had successfully created another Corday. Her name was “Maria Suendi”, allegedly a Godsend child who would bring salvation as messenger of Rakkipütr. Her devotion and belief in the Empire led her becoming the flagship of Empire of Zwede’s military force. Immensely powerful, a single Corday could exterminate an entire country on its own. The tides of the war turned in Zwede’s favor. Maria Suendi raised the flag of Empire of Zwede all over Euterpean Continent. Numerous country yield, for they either submit or succumb to the absolute might of Corday=2.

The oncoming years after 2062, a rebellion broke out inside the Empire of Zwede. The frontier in Coronium excavation, country of Deinusia had taken countermeasures against Zwedean advances with their own ingenuine Coronium utilization. Due to the sheer exposure of accumulating Coronium, people of Deinusian have developed into a subhuman feared by the masses.

Termed “Felinoan”, they had undergone through a “Temporal Drastic Evolution” into an anthropomorphic race with prominent, fluffy ear on top of their head—and nimble, whip-like tail on their behind. Coronium had seeped into their inner DNA structures and reshaped their genetics through longevity of exposure. The nature of Coronium lets them control the potential energy of Fate, a power yet-to-be wielded by humans at the time.

Led by the prodigy Svitia Sukrassen, the Deinusian rampaged all over Empire of Zwede, demanding their rights to own and use of Coronium. Having greater synchronization with Coronium as part of their biological constituent, any advances done by the Copets with their meager efficiency were almost thoroughly eradicated. Thus, on 2065, Empire of Zwede signed the “Western Czetcze Pact”, a pact granting entitled blessings for the Deinusian’s right to own a portion of the land, in exchange of converting their state religion into those of Zwedean, the Rakkipütr. Met with controversy, it caused an uproar within Deinusia.

Two years later, the representative of Deinusia­—Svitia Sukrassen, was caught and held captive by Empire of Zwede. Not long after, Corday=2—Maria Suendi, assaulted Deinusia in defense of their rampage towards Zwedean citizen and obliterated the country in a single week. What remained of Deinusia was simply the individual Felinoan that eventually dispersed all around the Euterpe in secrecy. Fearing another rebellion incurring, Empire of Zwede halted their advance and focused on regulating their internal opposition.

2068 was renowned as “A Peaceful Second” amidst the ongoing WWC. For almost an entire year, no major war took place and the residents all around Euterpe took a breath in unison, taking consolation on an unseemly peaceful time. While undisclosed, the Empire of Zwede silenced any country that bear signs of disagreement with the Empire—utilizing Maria Suendi as their primary weapon, and having more or less every single citizen within the Empire to submit from her extraordinary power and faith. Though not as severe as the obliteration of Deinusia, not many could escape from Corday=2’s Fate-manipulating hands.

The Empire of Zwede had miscalculated the consequence of destroying Deinusia and its people. Widespread all over the world, Felinoan with their knowledge and experience with Coronium bargained their survival, causing an emergence in Coronium technology outside Empire of Zwede. With Coronium engineering and technology becoming commonplace, countries that managed to get their hands on Coronium have managed to find ways of creating ingenuine Coronium usage.

The following year, Ashin announced her reemergence as the warhead of Empire of Zwede obliteration army—bearing no allegiance to any country, but simply under the pretense of ‘revenge’. She led the frontlines in every battlefield, opposing the Empire of Zwede and their army of Copets. Taking the spotlight as a ‘hero’, Ashin eventually found herself to be surrounded by comrades of various origins.

Although unclear, ever since Ashin’s reemergence in 2069, individuals with capability close to–or even on par with Ashin, began to appear. Some deemed themselves to be the spearhead of the technological advancement from the country they served—others seek freedom with their entitled newfound “given” power.

A select few follow the steps of Ashin in eradicating Empire of Zwede.

Most notable of their similarity was the fact that every single one of them have some sort of life-altering Coronium mechanism embedded. The term “Corday” no longer refer solely to the Coronium Doll made by Empire of Zwede, but rather the various individuals with capability of immense Fate energy manipulation using any sort of Coronium device.

Thus was the dawn of a new era. Termed “Corday Era”, an era filled with various Corday battling each other, seeking Coronium haven that lies within Empire of Zwede. The Corday Era was marked by the “Coronium War” that began from Ashin’s reemergence in 2069 and lasted for a very long time–until the end of 2098. Multitudes of events transpiring during the Coronium War affected nearly every single country and major belligerent in the Euterpean Continent. Almost no conclusive and condensed record of it was written, and to some extent, even to this day, there still lies few missing pieces which interconnect groups and individuals involved during the Coronium War.

Although inconclusive, the spotlight of the war was unanimously given to Ashin and her group of Corday, often termed ‘Noble Heroes’ with ‘afflicting sense of justice’, which climactically ended the Coronium War in the beginning of 2099 by instigating the Coronium Implosion—a major catastrophic event of great effect that swallowed a third of the Euterpean Continent.

Along with it, the natural homeostasis of the Earth was halted. The axial tilt of Earth was skewed for 0.7 degree and its rotation slowed down as far as 5 minutes longer in a day. The oceanic current diverged, natural disaster spawned endlessly—the global climate changed drastically. With the whole Euterpean continent devoid of any natural resources, it is now nothing more than a desert of sand dunes.

What remains of the individuals involved during the Coronium War have been left unrecorded. To this day, the deserted Euterpean Continent is still yet to be fully explored. While the land has some hearsay of promising Coronium site, it is brimming with dangers all over the place. Remnants of the last century, including the Cordays, roam about—not letting weak-willed and unprepared individuals to traverse further in search of Coronium and their potent, unimaginable Fate-controlling power.


[Records of The 21st Century]

Divisi Story Genshiken ITB 2021/2022

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