The 5 Season

“The dreams were associated with different seasons. What significance does the four seasons have? Why were they about recalling the past?”

Follows the story of Diuturna Aeternitas, a lone boy retelling the lives he lived and the encounters he had along the four seasons, and another one.

Chapter 1 : The Sun Shone Brighter than Ever
Chapter 2 : Fallen Leaves by the Wind
Chapter 3 : The Cold Breeze of Astrologos
Chapter 4 : The Petals of a Now Fully Bloomed Look of Madness Adorn the World
Chapter 5 : The State of Mind

Submitted as part of TA GST 2021. You can check out the published version over here (also contains the rest of submitted works from TA GST 2021).

The 5 Season (PDF version)

Written by SoraTsuki – G’21
Illustration by Shawky – G’21

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