The Decade After

Entry Writchal #2
Tema: High School (kinda)


a screenplay of time-crossed lovers



– AGE: 32 Y.O. 





– AGE: 25 Y.O. 






“I expect your parents to visit the principal’s office tomorrow!” said the teacher before I went home. It wasn’t my fault. That boy is mockering me while I am doing my maths. He picks on me. He deserves those punches. 

I wipe my bruise. It hurts. 

My home is already at view. A small house in a small village in the middle of the rice paddies. This is the place where I’ve spent ten years of my life. It might look tranquil for an outsider, but if you spent enough time, You know it’s rotten. 

I can’t connect with anyone here. Nobody here loves science nor learning nor anything scholarly, in fact. It’s a great curse to be a standard villager here while having no interests in football, gossips, or soap operas. 

I don’t think this works with everyone, but I have this certain ability that I don’t think everybody has. I can sense someone’s intellectual level and if somebody will connect with me. That is if someone has the same interests and intellectual level as I do. I know intelligent people just by looking. How? Well, it just worked. Back years ago, I had friends who I grade as Intellectual. But then he can’t stand the pressure of being different and now his level just plummeted. 

I don’t want to lose my identity, yet nobody can relate with me, and everybody just can’t leave me alone in my world. Instead, they pick on me. I don’t want to be looked down upon by them, I will not back down, not like my friends who just go timid and all-weak after getting bullied. NO. I do what someone with common sense does. Punch them. 

I approached the house. Seems like my father is about to leave. He is getting his old bike out. 


I’m back 


Welcome home, sep 


Where are you going, dad?


I’ve told you innit? There’ll be some Hinomoto people staying at our house? 


Huh what? Hinomoto?


Yea. and anyway I am late. Ask your mother. See ya. 


See ya dad. 

I waved my hand as my father left. 


So… mom? 


I am surprised too, Sep, I think your father wants to surprise us but then forget. 

Ah yes, my father is quite clumsy. I park my small bicycle near the front door. 


Go take a bath Sep, I need your boy’s hand to help me prepare dinner to welcome the Hinomotoans. 


Arite mom 


My body was pure again. I prepared some welcome drinks for the guests. My mom is busy cutting some onions while watching television. I can’t believe she dared to cut while her eyes were glued to the soap opera on TV. The TV cuts into an advertisement. 

It’s nearing dinner. My father still hasn’t returned yet. “Probably they talked till they forgot the time.” 

My mother jokes about it. It’s true that my father could become quite excited when he sees a foreigner. Back then, he made quite a name after acting like he understood foreign languages. Some Westerners came here to make business and surprisingly they didn’t bring along a local interpreter. My curious father stopped by and eagerly talked to them like he can speak the language (He didn’t). Apparently, the Westerners liked him, and now he is the village interpreter. He should’ve actually learned some language by now. 

A car approaches. 


Ah, it’s the village chief’s car. 


It must them 

The car pulled over in the yard. My father came out first, followed by our village’s chief and a city guy with some fancy shirt. 

YOSEP (mumbling) 

Oh so now they got an actual interpreter 


hmmm…. so we’re only the host now 

After that, four Hinomotoans get out of the car. Two young women, a young man, and a middle-aged man.


Let me introduce my family, Mr Nakano, 

Ah, my father started to talk here. 


This is my wife, and this is my son, Yosep. 


Nice to meet you… 

I bowed down, and finally got to speak English! 

Wait, hold on. Why am I getting excited too? 


“Oh, what a fine young man. How old are you?” 


“Yessir. I am eleven.” 


Oh, you’re English is great! I want to hear more from you later. 


Huh? But I only answer “Yessir” though. 

I know my English score is great at school. But learning from a book and practising it are very different things! 


Well then, these are my colleagues. You all can introduce yourself. 



Everybody has introduced themselves, including the guy in the shirt. 


Nice to meet you all folks, so my name is Salman, and these are exchange students from Kanagahama, Hinomoto. I was sent by the embassy as their interpreter, so rest assured. 

As I thought, the interpreter. 


Also, Mr Nakano here is their professor, and he’ll be in charge of supervising them. As we have stated, Mr Nakano and the students will be staying in some host family, with Mr Supratman’s house as the rendezvous point. 

Well isn’t this quite an opportunity? Finally, I don’t have to worry about my friends. Now I got Hinomotoans in my home! Surely they’ll have a lot of stories to tell… 


Oh wait, there’s one more person who hasn’t introduced herself yet, Lemme call her first 

Wait there’s one more person? 


Oy, Ryoushi! Come here! 

RYOUSHI (???) 

Yea I’m coming 

Huh? A girl’s voice in the car? So she’s only sitting there while everyone’s here? What a bad attitude- 


A young lady stepped out of the car onto our soil. Probably a high schooler? A teenager still in her jackets and training pants. Headphone on her neck. Sharp, unexcited eyes with a bit sullen expression. What’s with this girl? She seems sloppy. 


Looks like she came here against her own volition huh. 

So do I think? 


-but she seems… nice? 

But then, thunder flashes on my head. 

I know this feeling. 

It’s the feeling when someone I connect with is around. 


Is it her? 

My heart is throbbing 


Huh? Why am I getting excited now?



Today is cold, and it somehow reminded me of that fateful day more than a decade ago. Unlike today, that day was the very opposite. It was warm. Okay, maybe not “warm” per se, it was more like scorching hot. 


(deep breath) Welcome, Ishizawa City. 

Steam came out from my mouth and nostrils as I breathed. Even though it is sunny, it is cold, and I am here, walking out of the station, into this city, far away from the capital, freezing, wearing the most formal dress I have – that means thin insulation. 

What the hell was I thinking? 

I looked upon my watch. 


Oh my, I’m running late. 

I ramped up my walking speed, though not too fast. I don’t want to ruin my dress with a standing bath of sweat. 

As I was walking to the bus stop, the edge of my eyes flickers. A familiar figure, I noticed one. Round glasses… unkempt hair… a suit! I glimpsed, and instinctively called 



The tall woman stopped and turned towards me. It seems like she is also familiar with me — oh, she definitely knows me. 


Oh. This is quite unexpected. 




I didn’t expect we’ll meet again here, Jun. 


We-well… I didn’t expect to meet you again here either Ms Nakano. 

It is my former high school teacher, Ms Nakano. We met at the station’s plaza and now we are taking the bus together. 


You’re going to the wedding right?


Sena and Marina? Of course. Sena’s been my mate all along the high school. 


Pfft. (chuckles) What the heck are we even doing? Coming to a wedding with a city bus. 


Well, aren’t we both practical? Coming to our best man’s wedding by bullet train. 

I smiled along as sensei’s chuckles became a burst of all-out laughter. A couple with fancy outfits on a bus. What a striking contrast, aren’t we. Sensei sure has a cheap sense of humour. 


Sensei, so where did you come from? Why were you at the station? 


Oh, I just arrived from out of town. I’m getting back to my old passions. Have I told you yet? 


Hmm… you haven’t 


I’m back in Science again. I have moved close to my laboratory. 




Aren’t I? 


So happy for you. 

Time has passed so long. I often forgot that things are dynamic. 

I glanced at the buildings as the bus we were riding past them. Out of the blue, a sense of nostalgia – of the years I have spent living in this foreign country. 10 years ago as a scholar, I first stepped out from the station we just left and rode a bus just like this. And Sena, the lucky man today, was a fellow scholar and my roommate in my first three years. 


(sigh) Well, It has been some time, innit Sensei 


Hey! Stop calling me “Sensei”. You graduated like 5 years ago. 


Well, Ms Nakano?


(irritated). Somehow that makes me really self-aware with my age. 

Call me Ryoushi. 




That’s better. (patting Jun’s head) 


Hey, what the heck? What about the “I’m not your student anymore” thing? 

Well, that head pat was actually nice. 


Oh, I’m sorry~ but you are forever my student. 



My God, this situation again. After a long time not seeing her, I have made no progress. She still sees me as her student. Please sensei, I’m already a self-sufficient and independent adult. 


So what was it you’re about to say? 


Ah, nothing in particular. I was just suddenly reminded of that moment in my high school graduation when I finally tell you that we actually have met years earlier 


(raising brows) Oh, that one. 

Yeah. I taught you for three years, why did you just tell me then? 


Well, I just fear that I might get the wrong person tho? 



But still, It amazes me how small the world that we live in. 

Sensei turned her face to me. I glanced back. 


Now, look at you. Look what that country boy has become. 


You sound like my mom. 


Well, that’s not very nice of you. 


You are not my mom, sensei – I mean Ryoushi. Didn’t you have a boyfriend already? 


What a daring question you have there, young boy. I’ve dumped him away. 

My, what have I said? Why did I say such a cruel sentence? 


I see… Sorry for asking that 


Not a problem at all, that dipshit deserved it anyway. 


Why did you bring that out now? Perhaps you’re having a quarter-life crisis because your best friend is getting married? 


That could be it. 


Well, you were the so-called “school prince” back then. You should be okay finding a partner sooner or later. 

What nonsense is this? I am pretty self-aware of the condition of my face, but that doesn’t mean I am such a womanizer. 


Hey, I’m curious, do you have a girlfriend? You should introduce her to me! I wanna know who gets to become my best student’s, lucky woman! 

Again, like my mom. 


Well, as a matter of fact, let me count it first. One, two, three… 


Oh my, you’re such a womanizer 


Oh, yea. ZERO. 

I have never had a girlfriend. 


Wait what the heck? Are you gay or something? 


Whoa, sensei you can’t say things like that in the 21st Century! 


Well, then I still can’t believe it 


Next Stop. Ishizawa Higashi High School. Ishizawa Higashi High School. ——- 

As we converse, the bus is arriving at our destination 


Well, I guess we have arrived. 


Oh, you’re right. 

We stepped out of the bus and is greeted with a nostalgic sight. 


I still can’t believe they got permission to get married in the school’s gymnasium. 


Well, this place is quite significant for them after all. They met here. 

We walked up through the flight of stairs that leads up to the school up in a small hill. 


Though, I didn’t really expect they ended up together. Marina was such a cold and violent girl. 


Yea, me neither. I thought Sena had no interest in romances at all. 


But he loves studying right? And so do Marina. Plus they’re both in the science club. So perhaps it’s fate? 


Witing tresna jalaran saka kulino




It’s an old proverb from my place. “Love grows because you get used to it”. 


What a nice one! 


They fell in love because they have spent too much time together, I guess? 


Good analysis. 

We arrived at the top. We stopped by a rock and a wisteria tree near the entrance gate. A crowd of guests can be seen away. I saw some familiar faces. 


This place… 




Back at the graduation, you said something about waiting right? 


Oh did I? 


Yeah, you were telling me to wait for something, yet you refuse to tell me what should I wait for? 


Well, that is strange. 


Perhaps I got the Mandela effect? 


What is that? 


You know, when you think you remember something but that thing actually never happened. 


Whoa that sounds like some scary stuff. 

As we talked, someone call our names. 




Who in the-

Only one person called me by real name. 


Well, if it isn’t the lucky man! 

It’s Sena, the groom. 



I guess my time together with sensei has ended. Time to join the crowd 


Let’s go there. Time to have some nostalgia 






The wedding went magnificently. 

As the sun went down, Jun is seen standing near the rock and the wisteria tree. Waiting for someone. 


Hey, that was a nice ceremony, isn’t it? 


(turns back) It is. 


You’re not going down? The reception will start soon. 


Nah, I was waiting for a certain person, why haven’t you come down yourself? 


I just wanna have a chat with my “other” best students. 

Andd~ who is this certain person? is it perhaps me? 


If you choose to be that person. 


We came here together, so I guess we’ll go down together then. 


Sure thing. 

They walked side-by-side, down the high flight of stairs, as an orange sun backdrops them together from the west. 


(glanced back) Your suit looks great. 


And so do you, sensei. 





Jun walks two steps behind Ryoushi. It was very awkward. 




I told you, call me Ryoushi-


-I’m sorry for earlier 


Eh? What for? 


I asked about your boyfriend, it was not very appropriate of me 


Nah it’s fine 


No, it’s not, let me take you for a dinner later tonight as an apology. 


Ohoho~ (smug face) 

If it is about food, I can always accept an apology. 

Jun smiles. Yet, he is still unsettled for bringing up the topic of personal romance to a Christmas cake. A mix of guilt and passion. 

As they walked down, sundown brings memories to Ryoushi. 


Hey Jun, This evening, isn’t it nostalgic? 


What did you remember sensei? 


You know, when we first met back in your village, I was lost. 




I was in the 12th grade, I excelled at my school. Yet, I don’t know what I want to be. 

Jun stays silent. 


Then we met. 

The conversation we had after the dinner in your house. How you assumed that because I’m from another country I know more than you – when in fact, I am as clueless as you. 


I was pretty innocent back then, I think. 


Well, that boy told me about his dreams, and what he wanted to be. 


I am fluttered. 


And look, That boy’s determination has brought him to his dream. 




And more importantly – he has inspired me to find my resolve. 



And then, We met again, here. 

I guess fate works in a mysterious way eh? 



Jun cuts her. 



Jun stepped six flights of stairs down. Ryoushi stops as he passed her. He turned around to stand before Ryoushi, below and looked up to her. 


The truth is, I feigned ignorance when you asked me if I still remember that time when I asked you to wait. I remember it, and I know I asked it. 


Jun? What are you talking about? 


For all time, I have always looked up to you. 

You’re the one that made me keep going so that I can stand where I am now. 




The real thing is, my desire to meet you again, to talk with the person I looked up to, to ever see the person I had the “connect” moment ever again… It is my reason to keep striving until I stand here. 




But now, I want to stop looking up, and start seeing you from the same standing. 

Heavenly shades of gold sparked over the sky of dusk. Golden strikes blanketed over them as Jun was about to say the hardest sentence of all his life up till now. 

Ryoushi is petrified in her place. She can sense what is coming. And she cannot escape from it 


No- Jun… I can’t 

Jun felt a thunder has struck him 



You’ve always challenged me and told me to ask “why” So today, please give me a 




Is it because of our age difference? 

Is it because that I am seven years younger than you? 

Is It because of the fact that I was your student



Ryoushi’s face is red as a rose. Words don’t formulate on her mind. The same happens with Jun. 


You know Sensei… when you mentioned that you already had a boyfriend. I decided to give up. 


It was… 


That is why! Please… don’t turn away from me… 

-for any reason other than your feelings. 

A moment of silence. 


You’ve checkmated me Jun, I can’t deny your question. 







Since that fateful day a decade ago Always has, Always been. 

So, Sensei. 


Ryoushi Nakano, 

Would you marry me? 



Writer: Lordo A.

Sunday at School

Entry Writchal #2
Tema: Sekolah

[Sunday, at School]

Reza Rahman Sulistrianto

School. A really noisy place. From the amalgam of conversations of students to the lullaby like lecture by the teachers. Everyone is trying to compete on who can be the loudest, as if they’re cicadas in heat. All of this happens 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Honestly, doing this every week takes quite a toll on me. Thus, every week on a Sunday, I go to my safe haven that is–. 

“Toni, already leaving?” 

“Yep, I’ll be back before dinner” 

Sigh, alright just stay safe” 


Closing the door, i went for the bicycle and set off. A beautiful Sunday morning, the early birds chirping, and the occasion cars passing by, it’s a peaceful day alright. Following my usual route, I head towards my school. Why school on a Sunday morning? It’s not like I have any assignments needed to be done. It’s just i like the serenity of school without it’s usual weekdays inhabitants. 

Approaching school, just 10 meters away from it’s main gate I took a sharp left turn to a small alleyway. Within i stopped in front of a small store. 

“Grandma, the usual!” 

“Oh, Toni you came again this week, here’s the usual and go ahead and lock your bike upfront” 

“Thanks, here’s the payment no need for change” 

“Thank you, make sure you don’t get caught” 


She’s not exactly my biological grandma but we interacted enough times to be acquainted. Taking my lunch for the day and leaving behind my bike, I return to the main street and head off to school. Before reaching the main gate, I quickly climbed the walls. Luckily, the streets barely have traffic and the walls are pretty short. Avoiding the security, I quickly entered the main building’s hallway. “Well then, where should I go today?” 

Once entered the building, the feeling of silence and solitude finally kicked in. The once lively traffic of the hallways where students would traverse is now dead silent. Just in case you still don’t get it, I enjoy the serenity of the school on Sundays. The contrast between the school on weekdays and weekends is like night and day, and I love it. Just as I was taking in the silence of the hallway, I heard a meow next to me. “Meow” 


As I turned around, I saw a gray cat with stripes on it’s body. I think that’s the school’s cat. Well, it’s not really our official cat but people kept feeding it and the teachers seems alright with keeping the cat around. Heck, when I first entered the school this guy’s already around. If I remember correctly he is around 5 years old this year. 

“What’s up little guy?” 


The cat quickly walks away, but keep looking back at me as if telling me to follow it. “Welp, guess now I know where to go” 

The cat keeps going up a floor until I reached the top floor. 

“Where did he go?” 

This top floor actually have a flat rooftop where people can come and go, but on the weekends it’s usually locked. I know this because I tried going to the rooftop before. Suddenly I heard a rustling sound near me, it was the cat. 

“Where do you think your going?” 

I quickly caught the cat with my hands. The cat tried to struggle but quickly gave up knowing it is meaningless. But on closer inspection, the place where the cat tried to go, behind the boxes there is a faint light shining out. 

“Was this where you tried to bring me?” 

I released the cat and moved the boxes away. Jackpot. 

“X marks the spot, or in this case a cat” 

Behind the boxes, a gaping hole just big enough to wiggle through leading to the rooftop. The cat quickly went through. I also followed suit. “Well, well, well guess I found my new favorite spot” 

Taking in the refreshing air of Sunday morning, I look around to the familiar yet unfamiliar scenery of the rooftop. Suddenly I heard a girls voice. 

“Oh there you are!” 

Quickly, I hid myself behind a wall where I can still take peek towards the voice. “Where have you been? I really needed a model so don’t try to run away again okay?” 

I can see a girl with shoulder length hair, next to her a canvas with sketches of a cat I presume. She’s not wearing a school uniform, perhaps she’s from outside of the school?. either way, I smell trouble. As I was trying to retreat, I knocked down a bucket behind me. Shit

“Who’s there!” 


“Show yourself or else I’m calling the school guard!” 

“…Fine, I give!” 

“…A boy? Tell me your name and school” 

“…Toni, North-High, 1st year” 

“North-High and a 1st year? Then you must be my junior” 

“Oy, I tell you mine, now tell me yours” 

“ahhh sorry, I’m Mia, 3rd year and your senior at that” 

“So same school I guess? For a second there I thought you were an intruder” “Intruder?! For your information, I have permission to use the rooftop here!”

“Sorry about that, anyways what are you doing here? At a Sunday at that?”

“I can ask you that myself. Well, I got a chance to receive an invitation for university so I’m trying to fill up my portfolio to get into one” 

It seems I receive a bit of her trust, as I was able to close in on her a little. “Heee, I’m guessing that’s a calico?” 

“You can tell?” 

“From this close anyone can tell with that fur pattern” 

“It seem you can, anyways back to your question, what are you doing here?”

“Ahhhh, well, about that, I actually don’t have a permission to be here on Sunday, guess I’m the intruder here…” 

“Pfft, ahahahaha, what the heck, calling someone else an intruder when yourself an intruder” 

From then on we kept talking, mostly on useless stuff while she continue her painting. Time flies, before we know it lunch time came. 


“…Ya hungry?” 

“…Zip it” 

“Well, lucky you I got lunch on me. Want half?” 


We have our lunch short after. 

“Next time I’ll get 2 portions but you still pay half” 


“Well, *Yawn, guess I’ll take a nap there” 

As I point towards a shade in a distance. 

“Sleeping after lunch? I don’t think that’s healthy” 

“it’s fine” 

I lay down under the shade and make myself comfy. This past few hour felt like a dream I’m sure I will wake up shortly after. As I drown in my slumber such taught came to my mind briefly. 


I woke up. I look to the side and there’s no such thing as a girl painting on the roof top. See? I knew it, it was all just a dream

“Morning, sleepy head but it’s already afternoon” 


“What’s with that shocked face?! Did I interrupt a good dream?

“…No, it’s just I’m a bit disappointed for not getting a girl’s lap pillow”


“Anyways, I guess I’ll head home first, the sun’s getting low”

“Ah, um, uhhh…” 


“N-Next Sunday, can we meet again?” 

“…Sure, I was planning to do so from the start” 


“Yeah, having a friend or two ain’t so bad here” 

“Thanks, well, see you next week?” 

“Yeah, see you next week” 

I said that as I entered the hole where I came from and left the school.


Monday, the next day. Another mundane school weekday. Yesterday felt like a dream, even though I clearly woke up from an actual sleep. Still, meeting a senior alone on a weekend at school still feels too surreal to be true.

“Mia was it…” 


“Whoa, Mike! You were listening?” 

“Yeah, I tried calling you a couple of times but you didn’t respond. Then you suddenly said ‘Mia’ outta nowhere, that’s fucking creepy dude”

“Ah, uh sorry ‘bout that” 

“Anyways, who is this ‘Mia’ person?” 

“…None of your business” 

“Ho? Ho? Ho? What’s this? Is it Toni’s first love? Is Toni finally found something he is interested in besides breaking into school?”

“…Zip it” 

This guy is my close friend, Mike. We sometimes play games together or just chat around pointlessly. As you can see, I told him about my Sunday activities. He is one of few that knows of my hobby. One time I tried inviting him to come with me on a Sunday, but he rejected me disgustingly. I wonder why?.

Anyways, enough about him onto Mia. So she’s a 3rd year here and is aiming to be an arts student huh?. She’s not a bad person or anything so I guess I can open up to her a little bit. But, why does she needs to paint on Sundays and also at school?. Guess I’ll ask her this Sunday. And thus the monochrome days pass by, and Sunday is here. 


Following the path from last week, I find my way to the top floor where the hole to the rooftop is at. I squeeze myself through the hole on to the rooftop. Standing up from my crawl, I can see a girl and a canvas next to her. She no longer stand where she painted the cat from last week, but instead she’s facing toward the school gate, looking down upon the school grounds. 

“…Yup, she’s real alright” 

“…Ah! Toni! You’re finally here!” 

“As promised. Anyways, what’s for today’s painting?” 

“Today, I’m painting the landscape of the school from high above”

“So it seems. By the way about last week’s cat painting, did you finish it?”

“All done. I finished it while doing club activities and stored it in the art club’s storage room” 

“So you’re a member of arts club huh” 


“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask this, but why do you need to paint at school on a Sunday at that?” 

“Oh that? It’s because the portfolio needed to get an invitation is ‘make an album of drawings with the theme to your own liking. With a minimum of 5 paintings’ as for my theme, it will be ‘Serenity of School’ what do you think?Sounds cool right?” 

“If I were to interpret it, I guess you are trying to tell that school even though it is known to be a noisy place but it actually have a really calming time period?” 

“Bing-bong, you got that right. You might become a talented artist in the future”

“And you need to come to school on a Sunday to capture that very serenity?”

“Bull’s eye, Watson” 

After that small chat she continued her painting while we sometimes chat about pointless things in between. Lunch time finally came. 

“Oh look at the time, wanna have lunch? I got your portion for the day”

“Yay! You remembered. And this is the pay” 


Monday, the next day. So it was all real. The fact that at Sunday, there’s a girl painting on school grounds alone. It all sounds like a romance plot, but it’s all actually real. But the album’s name ‘Serenity of School’, honestly it’s a good name but if I were to name it myself I’d call it ‘Sunday at-’. As I was about to finish my line of thought, a sudden pain came to my forehead. 

“Awww, dude what the heck?” 

“I tried calling you a million times and you didn’t even react. You were staring through the window as if you’re some sort of loner protagonist”

“Ugh, was I really?” 

“Yep, honestly it creep me out a bit. Let me guess, it’s that girl again right?” “Yes?” 

“*Sigh, this love struck idiot” 


“It’s alright to have someone to love but you still need to keep your head in- check, class is about to begin” 

Class begins but I didn’t pay any attention to it as the words from Mike lingers in my head. 


“Toni? Toniiii?? You in there?” 

“Whoa what? Oh sorry was spacing out for a second there. What were we doing?” 

“i knew it, you weren’t paying attention at all. Anyways, for today’s painting I’m making an empty classroom scenery and you’re gonna be my model for the day” 

“Modelling? Never done that before” 

“It’s fine all you need to do is sit somewhere and act melancholic”

“Act melancholic you said? Easier than-” 

As I was about to finish my sentence, an idea struck me. I sat close to the window but not right next to it, place my right arm on the desk and rest my head on my hand as I stare towards the windows by the left of me. 


“Am I really allowed to be here? I mean, I can still step outside and we can still have a chat” 

“No! That’ll make me feel awkward talking to you!”

“But I’m the one’s feeling awkward here!” 

“Fufu, well try your best to hold yourself” 

She laughed wickedly as she starts drawing sketches. We are currently at the girl’s bathroom. I repeat, we are currently at the girl’s bathroom. She didn’t tell me in advance where we’ll be going for today’s painting but instead she dragged me here. She probably did it knowing my reaction will be like this. 


Today is the 5th day meeting with Mia and probably the last day meeting her on a Sunday. Since she will be painting her last piece of painting for the album. We are currently behind the school building where all sorts of sport fields are placed, such as a soccer field, basketball, etc. 

“Hey, is it really alright to play catch right now?” 

“No? I don’t see any problem playing it. Besides, I’m not really in a rush to finish the album or anything. We can even continue it next week”

“… So today’s not the final day we’ll meet” *mumbling 

“What was that?” 

“Nothing! Anyway, you’re surprisingly athletic for an arts type of person”

“Is it really that surprising? I mean, the equipment I used are surprisingly heavy you know?” 

“I see” 

In the end she didn’t even continue her work instead only played catch with me. We’ve already moved the painting equipment to somewhere safe. In the midst of playing catch, the skies darkened and the roaring thunder clap can be heard. “I think we should head to safe place, Mia” 



“Ah, yes lets go” 

We started running towards the building when it started pouring down hard. Suddenly, When we reached the building a loud BANG came from outside, it appears a tree has fallen while bringing down one of the basketball’s ring with it. 

“Good thing we didn’t went through there huh? Or else we’d be ghost or something” 

Entering an unlocked classroom, I tried to lower my tension from all that running. “Phew we’re saved somehow, right Mia?” 

No one was there. 

“Mia? Where are you? You’re not playing pranks on me cuz it ain’t funny” No one answered. 


Again, no one answered. Then my mind started going into a frenzy. What if she fell down somewhere and I just left her outside in this storm? Oh no, no no no no no. I can’t calm down. 

“Mia!! Where are you?!” 

I dashed out of the classroom and retrace my steps looking around to find any traces of her. Until I reached where we played catch a while ago. Nothing no signs of her around. What if, what if she lost her way and came to the basketball field and- and she. No! She wouldn’t, right?. I dashed towards the basketball field. There, i see a the once magnificent tree now lost it’s top. Next to it, the basketball ring stood no more, instead a gaping hole is it’s place. Inside the hole, a skeletal remains of a human cradling another skeletal remains of an animal. 

“aah no ahhhhh NOOOO!!!!!” 

“Kid?! are you alright?! Let me take you somewhere safe” 

Someone came, most likely the school’s security guard but I don’t know for sure as my mind was in disarray. That skeletal remains is it perhaps 

I fainted. 


TV : “Breaking news, yesterday afternoon a storm topples a basketball ring on North-High. Inside the hole the basketball ring made, A Skeletal remains of a human and a cat. 

TV : ”Evidence shows the remains are most likely a female’s remain by the name of ‘Mia Miles’ who went missing 5 years ago. Further analysis needed”

TV : “The school in question will be held responsible-” 


3rd year. Roughly 2 years has passed since I met(?) Mia. That 5 days of being with her feels like a dream. Perhaps it really was a dream?. I don’t know anymore. I no longer came to school on a Sunday anymore. After all that happened, I joined the arts club clinging to the small chance of meeting with Mia again. Indeed, she was an arts club member that is 5 years ago. I guess she really did existed. Currently, I’ve been tasked with cleaning up the storage. Lots of dust, lots of equipment, and lots of art pieces. Then I stumbled upon a box labeled ‘Mia’. 

“Don’t tell me…” 

I opened the box. 

“What the heck, ahahaha…” 

Inside, there are 4 paintings. A painting of a bathroom, an empty classroom, the landscape of the school from above, and a painting of a calico cat with a kitten next to it with gray fur and stripes.

Writer: Zeave