Niet Verwacht

Entry Writchal 1
Tema: Alternate history, Kaderisasi, Auschwitz

Niet Verwacht

 The sky’s red, the raging fire that has consumed the whole building is slowly being extinguished by the rain. The smell of gunpowder mixed with the strong stench of blood, it was a massacre. Nobody would expect that the army would annihilate the military base out of nowhere, not a single survivor can be seen, all have either died by the explosion, or be killed when the army checked the ruined base. Except one fortunate soul, he was fortunate enough to barely survive but still death lingers beside him. The army still managed to find him and he was about to be executed. 

“Hold him up, these traitors need to be punished. No mercy for the enemies!”

“May you rest in hell.” 

“Ready your guns!” 



A barrage of bullets can be seen coming toward me. Is this it? Is this how I’m going to die? As the bullet passed through I screamed. 


“Jesus! What the hell dude, what is wrong with you Fran!” 

“Screaming out of nowhere like that, you scared the sh*t out of me.” 

Huh? Why am I back here at the training ground? 

“PeKO pEKO PEkO… That’s what happens when you’re about to get promoted as a squad leader I tell ya, people tend to lose their mind and go crazy, especially those who’re going to be the leader, they always go nuts saying weird stuff. PeKO pEKo pEkO!!” said the old man. 

The old man continued to walk down the path while talking gibberish and mumbling. “Are you okay? You look as if you’ve been killed or something.” 

“Don’t mind the old man, he’s only speaking nonsense as soon as he arrives at the base. They said he got a trauma, that’s why he sounds crazy.”

“When are you going to stop treating him like a baby, he’s already an adult, he can take care of himself.” 

“Why do you care, is it wrong to care about what’s wrong with the people you care about?” 

What is happening here? Didn’t the army already destroy the base? Not only that, how am I still alive? I’m pretty sure I’ve been shot and died already. How come I’m still alive, not just me but every one was supposed to be dead already. How…? 

“Hey.. Heyyy… Are you O K? Earth to Fran… Are you alive?” 

“Maybe he got hit in the head or something. That’s why he looks like that old man, yo… maybe the old man right, Fran is losing it as soon as he gets word that he’s going to be promoted.” 

“Wait? Going to? What do you mean?” 

“Wha… See, I told you, he’s clearly crazy!” 

“What day is today!?” 

“It’s the 36th day of the empire calendar, it’s so unlike you to forget about stuff like this, especially when the graduation is next week. Are you sure you’re fine?” 

“But how come…” 


Is this a dream? Is this even real? But… if by chance things do go as they did last time, then maybe… 

“Hey, can you guys listen to what I’m about to say for a moment? Would you believe me if I said that this place is going to be gone by next week.” 

“Dude, I know you’re crazy, but I wasn’t expecting this kind of crazy talk.” 

Of Course they wouldn’t believe me, the only person that knows about the future is me, but what should I do… 

Day and night I tried to come up with a strategy to stop the army. 

“I don’t know if it’ll work but it’s better than nothing.” 

The day after the promotion ceremony, I executed my plan and started preparing to fend off the army. With no time to waste, I quickly set-up the trap and waited for them to arrive. I waited… and kept on waiting, but no one came. Not a single soldier could be seen.

“Strange… They were supposed to be here by now, did I remember wrong? This is the day that they did attack, there’s no mistaking it, so how come there is no one coming?” 

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, it’s getting late and still no one is coming, I then head back to the camp. From the distance I can see smoke coming from where the camp is. 

“Wait, HOW! I’m pretty sure no one get through the only road that I’ve been keeping an eye on for the entire day.” 

When I arrived, I was in complete awe. The camp had been destroyed just like before, but something different… 

“Ah, captain you have arrived, we are just finishing up the last of ’em, maybe you would like to watch.” 


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