SCP-8105 “Time Crossing”

Entry Writchal #1

Theme: Droplets of Time

SCP-8105 “Time Crossing”

Item #: SCP-8105

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation’s Indonesian branch is currently unable to completely block the location of SCP-8105, due to a combination of political reasons and the difficulty of diverting traffic flow around the area. In place, the following measures have been applied:

  • The non-anomalous traffic lights originally marking SCP-8105 have been dismantled and currently stored in Storage Site-21.
  • The white stripes originally marking SCP-8105 have been removed.
  • A traffic sign forbidding crossing at the location of SCP-8105 has been erected.
    • A pedestrian bridge to facilitate the crossing of █████████ Street has been erected, 50 ft. (15 m) west of SCP-8105’s location.
  • The area surrounding SCP-8105 is under 24 hour Foundation surveillance. Any civilian found trying to cross SCP-8105 should be escorted away from the area by Foundation personnel posing as the local police force.
    • Any resistance should be met with the appropriate force up to the administering of amnestics if deemed necessary.

The implementation of the current containment procedures in February of 202█ has been fully successful in preventing unauthorized SCP-8105 Events from occurring.

Additionally, the Foundation is closely monitoring the news, social media, and the populace for potential cases of SCP-8105-1 instances.

Confirmed cases of civilian SCP-8105-1 must be taken to the Foundation’s custody and held in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell for a protocol of examinations and interviews as outlined in Document-8105-8A. Upon the successful conclusion of the protocol and the approval of a Level-2 Researcher or above, the SCP-8105-1 instance should be amnesticized and reintegrated into society. 


SCP-8105 is a stretch of road (including the adjacent sidewalk), previously used as a pedestrian crossing, going across the █████████ Street in the city of B██████, Indonesia. The original pedestrian crossing spanned 39 ft. (12 m) in length and 13 ft. (4 m) in width.

The anomalous effect of SCP-8105 (“SCP-8105 Event”) triggers under the following condition:

  • A person intends to cross SCP-8105
  • The person has previously crossed SCP-8105 at least once
  • The person is reminiscing about about the first time they crossed SCP-8105
  • It is currently raining above SCP-8105
  • A raindrop drops on the person, on exposed skin or otherwise

The moment the raindrop makes contact with the person, the person undergoes a temporal displacement event that transports their consciousness back to the first moment they crossed the street.  Persons experiencing an SCP-8105 Event are then assigned SCP-8105-1. To outside observers, SCP-8105-1 instances appear to vanish at the moment of SCP-8105’s activation. 

Upon arriving in the past, the existence of an SCP-8105-1 instance invariably alters that timeline, branching it from our base timeline. Accordingly, the Foundation can no longer observe SCP-8105-1 instances originating from this timeline, as there is currently no Foundation equipment capable of transmitting information over different timelines.

All agents and D-Class personnel assigned to SCP-8105 experiments should be equipped with the proper identification, standard Foundation tracking device, and instructions to make contact with the Foundation in that timeline posthaste.

Additionally, all agents and D-Class personnel on active SCP-8105 experiments are strictly forbidden from contacting people they know outside of the Foundation unless otherwise required for the specific experiment.

SCP-8105 first came into the Foundation’s knowledge in November of 20██, when an SCP-8105-1 instance (now designated SCP-8105-1-Zero) made contact with local Foundation agents. After verifying SCP-8105-1-Zero’s identification, Researcher Arisaputra tested and confirmed the existence of SCP-8105.

In SCP-8105-1-Zero’s original timeline, SCP-8105 was only discovered by the Foundation in July of 20██, when an SCP-8105-1 underwent an SCP-8105 Event and “disappeared” during peak traffic hours in front of many civilians, requiring a wide scale operation to amnesticize all civilians involved.

To see the possibility of preventing the event from occurring, SCP-8105-1 was sent to our timeline. Upon implementing the containment protocols recommended by the Foundation from SCP-8105-Zero’s timeline, the said event was successfully averted.

As SCP-8105 can serve as a warning system, Foundation branches located around SCP-8105 should closely monitor any SCP-8105-1 instances coming from a version of the Foundation in the future and report them to the appropriate authorities. The Indonesian Foundation is also to monitor for potential recruits living around the location of SCP-8105 to use in SCP-8105 experiments.


Note from Head Researcher Dr. Arisaputra: 

From SCP-8105-1-Lambda, we received several narratives written by civilians undergoing  SCP-8105 Events (it seems the Foundation in timeline Lambda has a much more freewheeling approach to their research methodology). I’ve attached those narratives to this document.

Although they may vary in structure and do not contain much technical information, I advise other researchers to read through those to gain a better understanding of SCP-8105 and the potential it holds to change one’s past and future beyond our scientific approach. I believe we can gain valuable insights that can help us maximize the potential application of SCP-8105.

Writer: Rheine