Several Haikus

Entry Writchal #2
Tema: High School Romance

Several Haikus

A rainy evening

upon a musty carpet

sev’ral years ago.


The pitter patter

of the rain on the windows

followed our chatter.


Two hours later,

we went home; and for a year,

we chatted no more.


Fateful January,

we talked once more, as teammates,

then as two friends.


Suddenly, it lit.

A magnesium flame, white hot.

Mutual? God knows.


Messaging till night

for a few moons, our eyes glued

to the screens we held.


A warm April night,

Luna and Venus, aligned;

a chance, I squandered.


One school break later;

our uniforms, once myrtle,

now a deep dark blue.


As the days passed,

bright metal turned to dull ash,

and you grew distant.


The bright fire turned dim.

You began to talk with them,

much to my dismay.



we stopped talking entirely,

and you became them.


Then, I saw a chance:

a trip to a land far east,

where the trees are pink.


“One last chance,” I said,

still blinded by the fire,

one that is long snuffed.


Taking off, I saw

on your phone, you just sent hearts

to someone I know.


“It’s normal,” friends said.

“I dislike him,” you mentioned.

“Lies,” I knew, betrayed.


As the world locks down,

I confronted him; once friends,

now traitor and foe.


Till our blue is shed

and till now, we haven’t talked;

not like we used to.


And yet, I can still

hear chatter and smell carpet,

on rainy evenings.

Writer: Duke

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