Entry for Writchal #4


I woke up to a vacant space. 

After labouring with the fray. 

Quiet is this place. 

Unlike the battlefield where I was supposed to stay. 

Then I realise. 

I have gone back in time many paces.

I noticed a door in the corner. 

On the left side of the room. 

A dark room. 

My world of worlds. 

I was here. 

I am not here. 

But I was. 

I am still me. 

I am me here.

The world outside is completely dark. 

But I feel more afraid here than in the unlit room. 

Why is there no light? 

The world outside is completely dark. 

A wall has appeared. 

The wall is blocking the door. 

A great effort. 

I strain again and again.

A knock on the door. 

light and delicate. 

The door swings open and I am pushed into a shadowed room 

A familiar figure stood thereof. 

Pristine white. 


Blue trim. 

Slender and straight. 

Vibrant colours. 

Small flowers. 

Don’t remember flowers. 

Don’t remember the flowers.

Hello, big sister. the figure exclaims. 

A pleasant sight. 

I look at her and see the most beautiful girl. 

A girl with the most beautiful personality. 

A girl with the most beautiful face. 

Lovely smile. 

How I missed your face. 

Saying good bye. 

The white streak, the blue trim, the vivid colours. 

I am left with you. 

Nothing else.

But I have not seen her in years. 

Fumbling in my hands, I gave the most charming smile I could. 

Everything I had. 

The words escaped my mouth and tears dissolves in my eyes. 

I was on my way out of the woods.

Is this a mirage? 

Is this how it used to be? 

Could I go home again? 

Could I still live my life?

The figure grabbed my hand. 

soft, and tender. 

The indescribable feeling overcame my senses. 

Two flowers bloomed in my mind. 

A door in the distance was lit up. 

Familiar flowers. 

Familiar voices 

A young face I used to love. 

A girl. 

A beautiful young girl. 

A girl. 

The door opened, and I was back in time.

Memories took me away, disconcerting me. 

A bell rang. 


All around me was darkness. 

Immense darkness. 

My face aching, my hand aching. 



I realized I was, and I was freezing cold. 

A thousand footsteps thundered, and I was cowering in the corner. 





A voice called out to me. 

A soft, tender voice. 

Then there I was. 

Back in the room. 

Familiar faces around me. 

Familiar faces. 

Warm faces. 

But I could not tell who they were. 

Not in that world. 

My world. 

It can’t be. 

“Big sister!” the figure exclaimed to me, yet again.

The figure sat next to me. 

It’s so warm here. 

It’s so peaceful here. 

I am finally home.

I sighed.

I’m finally home.

“Big sister, do you remember how we used to play those games in our summers?”

The figure teased me.

“Do you remember how we used to build sand castles in the sea?”

I could not respond.

Could not speak.

Could not do anything.

I was gone.

This is not the world I left when I died.

Those wonderful times.

Another lifetime.

Another world.

Something within me twisted.

“Big sister, I want to do it again!”

My sister pleaded with me.

“Big sister, I want to play”

She put her hand on my shoulder.

Her hand was so warm.

Her touch was so comforting.

“You are cold.” 

She said.

I was crying.

The sound of the rain, the wind, and the voices around me were muffled.

Why could I hear her?

Why was she comforting me?

Why did she come back?

“The winter is not nice, Big Sis.”

She whispered to me.

“I miss you.”

I said. 

I was happy.


I couldn’t stop the tears.

I couldn’t stop the tears.

“I miss you, too.”

She said.

The way she was looking at me.

I had forgotten.

“Stay here with me, big sis.” She said.

her voice filled my head.

She said, “Don’t go, please don’t leave me, Big Sis”

The figure placed a tender hand on my shoulder.

I am always here.

Don’t leave.

Stay here, I will be here for you.

I promise, big sis.

I will be here for you.”

I closed my eyes.

As I was struck with sorrow.

The moment came when we parted. 

She disappeared. 

I wanted to go back to her. 

Don’t leave me alone. 

I’ll get old. 

I’ll die. 

I’ll be alone. 

I will have nobody. 

I wailed in tears. 

I wanted to touch her. 

I Couldn’t. 

And then I woke up.

Familiar sight of hospital tent.

Familiar smell.

Familiar beds.

I wanted to leave.

I wanted to leave.

The rain was pouring down heavily.

I wanted to go home.

But I couldn’t go home. I no longer have one.

She’s always here.

A dream.

She’ll be here for me.

A lie.

A murderer I have become.

A mass murderer.

I can no longer stay with her. 

I will never see her face again. 

her tender voice. 

her gentle touch. 

I will never hear her say my name.

Because I can no longer go to where she resides now.


Writer: Von Grenadus

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