Eldphagia: Lore GST 2022

Ashes of the past nurtures the scions of the future. After a catastrophic implosion that swallowed a third of the continent, people strive to live in the new face of earth. Places affected by the implosion – which is the whole planet – turns into lifeless dunes raging timelessly. Scavenging from what’s left of the previous era, civilization bounced back a little.

Thirty years after the implosion, survivors gathered and built a society. Starting over from square zero with only their miniscule resources and knowledge retained from the previous era. Amassing every little remains they can find. Led by scholars, guided by science, driven by ego, civilization swerved back to a hierarchical state. A battle of power is inevitable, not even in the brink of extinction.

In the Empire of Eldphagia, progress is most cherished. In order to restore the former glory of humanity, people raced to be the foremost amongst all. Those who have more contribution will lead those who have less. The once combined effort to exalt humanity twisted into a race to gain power over the industrial cities. Those who don’t contribute to the empire are considered another bit of dust in the endless dunes.

Led by the best scholars in the world that call themselves the Erudites, the Western part of the empire progressed swiftly. Even after facing a catastrophic incident, civilization rise. With cutting edge technology, they provide quality of life to the empire. With the ever harsher climate and atmosphere, perpetual adaptation is a desideratum. Unrivaled biotechnology allows crops to flourish, cattle to thrive, and humans to be capricious towards death. Racing against the belligerent world oppressing everything around it. Showing no mercy indifferently towards the livings.

Coal smoldering, steam bursting, gears spinning, industrial machines are as ubiquitous as humans. With every clang of steels, another steel is sculpted. Powered by heat, these contraptions sustain the society. Even with all those contraptions, human labors are still irreplaceable.

Ubiquitous factories adorn the Eastern part of the empire. Denominating themselves the Albater, these laborers break sweat every day to make ends meet, they provide commodities and power to the whole empire. Hundreds of thousands of manufactures stream their way from the factories to houses. Racing against the ever increasing head count queueing to be fed. Showing no regard towards the impending famine.

But all is well. The Erudites, as ruthless as they are, no one dare to question their contribution to the empire. With no capable minds to lead, extinction would have come too soon. As apathy as they are, they are the beacon shining the survival of humanity. Showing the path to tread, blistering everything it touches. The mutualism between the scholars and the labors entwine the civilization together.

Sun shines, wind blows, birds chirping. In the center of the empire lies the residential area of the empire, surrounding the superb dwellings of the authorities that surround the magnificent abode of the Emperor. Being the pinnacle, the Emperor held power over the whole empire. Ruling over the lives of everyone in the empire, enforcing his will through the Tentamen – the extension of the Emperor’s will. Living in the shadows, they can level a city overnight. Few knows about their existence. And even fewer knows what they do in the shadows. From dirty works to wonders, nothing slip from their hand.

But even among the Tentamen, machinations thrive. Hailing from various origins for various causes, they banded together under the name of the Emperor. But as every sentient being, self interest preside over the group’s wellbeing. Hidden under the Tentamen are delegations from the Erudites and the Albater. Pulling their strings on the marionette.

With the new district project ahead, discord arise. The Emperor tasked the Tentamen to find out the ideal utilization for the new district.

With the accelerating degeneration of the planet, some people says research facility betterment will prove beneficial for all. Should they fail coping with the ever changing world, ruination shall befall once more. Advancing forward is the best option in their all-seeing eyes.

On the other end of the stick, people says industrial expansion is the best course of action to take. To match the ever increasing mouth to feed, famine haunt every step of civilization. Took one defective step, and the price to pay will be dear for humanity. Damage control is the best option according to their skillful hand.

Disputes inside the Tentamen prove to be stale. Unchanging days passed with each party trying to gain control, but triumph bow to no one. Renouncement is not an option when calamity is nigh.

The Emperor frowns upon the ambivalent Tentamen, unable to reach a resolution. What may be asserted without evidence, may be dismissed without evidence. Burden of proof states them to prove their worth in the presence of the Emperor.

In order to cheer the frowning Emperor, embellishment is a must. A festival is to be held on the day of attestation. A festival where they prove their worth in the presence of the Emperor. The festival being the ray of light shining upon those in its reach, will cast a shadow on those out of its reach.

Just a moment, before the decision set on stone. The Emperor will decide the victor, based on their worth.

To win the favor of the Emperor is necessary to push each of their agenda. In order to do so, manpower is in demand. Knowing what they need, winning the favor of the neutral party is indispensable.

On the fateful day, agreement can’t be reached. Knowing that rationality can’t resolve the dispute, the Emperor decided to commence “the grand game”.

Loser of the grand game shall comply to the winner. And in the end of the day, the Erudites win.

With that, their journey to face the ever harsher future has just begun. Or will it be them that end it?

“If rationality can’t resolve the dispute, then we should look for another way.”

==The Emperor==

Divisi Story Genshiken ITB 2022/2023

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