The Only Child

Entry for Writchal #4
Theme: Unexpected Sibling

Snack’s ready, me laying in this dirty bed for the last time, and the TV remote by my side. Finally, after a week full of exams, I can have my holiday. My lovely parents will pick me up this evening and I will get away from this choking uncared boarding house. There’s only a small desk with a TV on top cramped in front of the bed. I don’t even get an AC here. As an only child, I can live peacefully back at home. I can lay on my comfy bed, watch movies on the TV, and enjoy dinner together with my parents. I miss them so much. 

I turn on the TV and start to watch a murder documentary as there’s nothing more interesting on this old TV. Hour by hour my eyes get more tired from watching documentaries of entire families being killed mysteriously. I yawn before placing my head on the pillow and turn off the TV. Slowly I close my eyes as the sleepiness spreads to my whole body. 

Suddenly I was awakened by the loud banging on my door. I was having such a calm time. Why can’t I just rest in peace? This is still the afternoon, whoever is knocking is not my parents and I don’t care about it. I go back to sleep and close my ears with pillows. That person keeps on knocking, louder and louder. With a fuming head I slam open the door. 

Behind it is a little girl. Her dress is torn. Her shaking hand is holding an old teddy bear with lots of stitches. She wipes the sweat off her dirty forehead and smiles. “Hello,” says her. 

“Who are you?” 

“I’m your sister.” 

“No, you must be mistaken. I’m an only child. Why are you knocking on my door?” “I want to meet you, my brother.” 

I roll my eyes then smile. “Once again, I can’t be your brother. The brother you’re searching for is not here. Do you want me to help you find him?” 

“No, he’s right in front of me. I love you brother.” 

The girl hugs me. I try to release her grip and move her back a bit. 

I squat down. “Hey, I’m not your brother, okay. Hope you can find him. I’m sorry but don’t knock on my door again, okay?” 

She starts to tear up. “But I am your sister.” 

Soon after, she starts crying. 

“Hey, please don’t cry. I’m sure you’ll find your brother soon. I’m sorry that I can’t help you now. I’m really tired.” 

I slowly close my door. The little girl’s cry can still be heard, but not for long. After a few minutes, the cry fully stops. Well, I hope she finds her brother. For now, I better get back to sleep. I keep yawning before I lay on the bed and close my eyes. 

Loud banging awakened me again. I wipe my face and look at the door with pain in my eyes. Is it that little girl again? Why is she knocking this door again? She’s being too loud. “Abie, please open the door,” says a familiar voice. 

That’s not the girl, It’s my mom. They’ve arrived. I quickly run to the door and open it with a smile. Mom is standing behind it with a frown. The same little girl stands behind her, holding her teddy bear tight.

“Abie! Did you just leave your sister here alone? How dare you?” screams Mom. “So she is actually my sister?” 

“Obviously, I gave birth to her. Now pick your stuff up and get in the car,” says her while leaving the building, bringing the little girl with her. The girl keeps looking at me with teary eyes. 

Mom seems very pissed. I shouldn’t waste time then. I pack up my stuff with haste, though I can’t stop thinking about that little girl. How can she be my sister? She looks like a 7 year old, yet I’ve only been in this boarding house for a year. This just doesn’t make sense at all. 

I zip up my bag and lock the door. I give the room key to the owner and head to the front of the boarding house. Mom and Dad are already waiting in their car. I miss seeing this car. I walk closer and find the little girl is already asleep in the back seat. I put my bag on the back and sat next to the girl. Dad Starts the car and we’re on the road back to my home. 

Something is not right with that girl. I look closer at her and don’t find any resemblance with my parents. Her sharp nose is very different from my short and large nose. Her pale skin doesn’t match my skin tone nor my parents. Not only that, her hair is light brown, very different from anyone here. There’s no way she’s my Mom’s child. I should ask MOm about this. 

I place my head on the front seat. “Mom, is she really my biological sister? Her looks are very different from ours.” 

Mom sighs. “Just because she is different doesn’t mean she is not my daughter. You don’t know how much sacrifice and pain I have to endure to give birth to her.” “But she looks like a 7 year old. Why didn’t I see her at all before I went to the boarding house? Are you hiding her from me?” 

Dad looks at me. “Please keep your voice down. I’m driving.” 

I look down. “Sorry. So, why?” 

Mom looks at me. “She was at home even before you went. Don’t tell me you don’t notice your sister at all.” 

“Impossible. I’ve been an only child since birth. You even said it before I went to the boarding house.” 

“What are you talking about?” says Mom, looking at me weirdly. “Oh I see what’s going on. You just hated your sister, didn’t you?” 

“No, I don’t hate her. This just doesn’t make any sense.” 

Mom looks away. “Well you’re the one not making any sense. Don’t talk to me anymore, I want to rest.” 

This definitely isn’t right. I must know why they want to lie to me about the little girl. She’s clearly not my sister. 

“Dad, why—” 

“Shut up. I’m focused on the road,” says him with a raised voice. 

My parents don’t even want to talk to me anymore. Dad used to love talking anytime. Mom likes to joke about everything. What is happening? Why are they so different now? I don’t feel good about any of this. I can’t even sleep anymore, I’m too confused by all of this. Something is definitely wrong with that little girl, but I don’t know what. Whatever is making my parents think that girl is my sister, I must find it out.


I arrived at my home. Finally I’m back to the place I love, after a year being away. The little girl jumps out of the moving car and my mom quickly follows her inside the house. My dad parks the car in the garage. I step out and go inside the living room, bringing my bag. 

A half circle sofa stands in front of an LED TV. Small coffee table stands between them. A smooth rug stretches from one side of the room to the other side. My favorite bat from my childhood stands beside the TV. This room should be bringing me comfort, but now I just feel uneasy knowing that little girl is here. I walk up the stairs behind the TV and go to my room at the end of the hallway with floorboards. My back hurts from bringin the heavy bag. I step on the creaking floorboard outside of my room. A year away almost made me forget about this. Then, I open the door only to find that the little girl is jumping on my bed. 

I drop my bag. “Hey! This is my bedroom. Get out of here!” 

She stops jumping and starts crying on my bed, closing her face with her teddy bear. Mom runs up the stairs and bumps me while running to the girl. 

“Why do you shout at her?” says Mom while patting the girl. 

“This is my room.” 

“Your sister doesn’t have a bedroom yet. Let her sleep here tonight. She needs rest.” “Well I need rest too,” complains me. “Where am I going to sleep tonight then?” “At the sofa. No more talking and don’t ever shout at her again. I have to make dinner,” says Mom. 

She leaves the room while scratching her head. I’m worried about her but I’m too mad at the moment. I left the room, bringing my bag with me. I throw it to the sofa and lay there to rest my back. There’s nothing weird with that girl so far. She seems like a normal kid. Then what makes my parents turn against me? I have to watch that girl’s behavior more closely. 

Dad just left the garage, holding a rag he used to clean the car. 

“Dad, can I talk for a—” 

“No!” shouts Dad. He sighs. “I’m sorry. I’m just really tired now. We’ll talk tomorrow.” He walks angrily to the kitchen, passing Mom who’s setting up the dining table. I walk up to her. 

“Mom, do you need help preparing dinner?” 

“Sure, set up the table for me. I’ll bring dinner in.” 

She leaves the dining room while I tidy up the table cloth. I set up plates, placing them one by one. Then I place the fourth plate for the chair that no one ever uses. It feels weird that this seat will be used. Then, I place the glasses as Mom brings in plates of dinner. “Dinner’s ready!” shout Mom to upstairs. 

The little girl runs down the stairs while still holding the teddy bear then sits on my usual seat. 

“That’s my seat,” tells me. 

The girl looks at Mom. “But I want to sit here.” 

Mom pushes forward the girl’s chair. “Let her sit here. You sit there,” says her, pointing to the unused chair.

“But I always sit there.” 

Dad comes back from the kitchen. “Stop with the chit chat. I want a calm dinner.” I’m forced to sit on the unused chair. Mom and Dad sit on their usual chairs. Soon after, we started eating. I devour the food on my plate. It’s been so long that I haven’t tasted home cooking. I keep on eating while observing the girl’s behavior. She seems normal, even after dinner is finished. 

Soon it was night. Everything has been tidied up and now everyone is asleep, except for me. I’m laying on the couch, watching my phone as I’m used to sleeping very late. As it reaches midnight, I lay my phone on the coffee table. I yawn then pull up my blanket. My eyes are closed, but then I hear footsteps from upstairs. 

I wake up and don’t think about it much. It’s probably someone going to the toilet. I go back to sleep, but there’s more ruckus. The footsteps now sound heavier. “There’s definitely something wrong up there.” 

I pick up my bat next to the TV and walk up the stairs. I glance to the hallway but there’s nothing. Where are those footsteps coming from? 

There is more sound coming from my bedroom. Something like an old woman speaking, but I don’t understand anything she’s saying. Is there a burglar there? I walk slowly to my room, holding my bat tight next to me. Peeking into my bedroom’s keyhole, there’s a bright light blocking my view. I step forward to look closer, accidentally stepping on the creaking floorboard. The sound stopped. The light dims out in a flash. I open the door only to find the little girl sleeping on my bed. I look around but there’s nothing weird about this place. The window is locked. I don’t see anything that can make a light just like the one I saw. Whatever it is, it has to do with this girl and I’m going to find out. I will check this again tomorrow. 


Tomorrow has come. Mom is preparing dinner. Dad is cleaning his car. That little girl is in my bedroom the whole day. I go to the dining room again. 

“Mom, do you need help preparing dinner again?” 

She doesn’t answer me. She doesn’t even look whenever I talk. 

“Mom?” I ask again. 

She doesn’t budge and sets the table without acknowledging me. It’s like I don’t even exist to her. 

“That’s it. I’m confronting the girl now.” 

I walk upstairs and look at the keyhole again, avoiding the creaking floorboard. There it is. The same light I saw yesterday. I bash open the door and instantly petrified by what I see. It’s a bear with an exposed skull and rotting skin. Maggots crawl out of its mouth. Red circle glows from beneath it. It stares at me with its empty eye sockets that spew out black goo. The girl sits next to the monster, but she looks so disgusting. Her skin is pale and flabby. Seems like she’s drained out of her blood. The same black goo drips from her eyes. Her teddy bear is nowhere to be seen. 

“Kill him,” growls the bear.

I run away before they even move. I jump down the stairs and pick up my bat from the side of the TV and hold it tight. All I hear is nothing. There’s no sound from upstairs. Mom or Dad is not seen anywhere. What is happening? 

Then I hear a knife being sharpened from the kitchen. 


She pushes the door, hitting the wall. Her hand holds a knife steadily. Her look is empty, staring at me. 

“Mom, are you okay?” 

Dad steps out of the garage, holding a wrench. He looks as weird as Mom. Whatever monster that I saw must be controlling them, but I don’t know how to stop it. The girl steps to the top of the stairs, looking back to normal. She holds the teddy bear again. 

“Mom, Dad, there’s a thief! Save me,” cries her. 

Mom charges forward, pointing her knife at me. I dodge to the side and hide behind the TV. 

“Mom, please wake up. This is Abbie, your only son.” 

She doesn’t say anything. Dad strikes the TV, pushing it to me. I fall down with the TV on top of me. Mom runs to me. I manage to push it away in time and get away with my bat. “Dad, wake up, please. Don’t listen to that monster.” 

They both attack me. I hit the wrench out of my Dad’s hand with my bat, but Mom manages to cut my arm. I run away to the back of the sofa while tears drop from my chin. “Please remember me. I don’t want to hurt you. I love you.” 

They keep attacking me but I try to not hurt them and keep evading away. “Mom, Dad, remember me please.” 

“Oh, poor you,” says the girl. 

The constant attacks made me forget about the girl. She’s now standing at the base of the stairs. 

She giggles. “Seems like they don’t remember you anymore. Just give up.” I dodge Dad’s punch and jump back from Mom’s knife. 

“Stop controlling them. Give them back.” 

She laughs. “Why would I do that? I’ll live a happy life with them. While you…” she laughs again. “You’ll be dead now.” 

Mom lunges towards me and cuts my leg. I cover my wound while screaming in pain. I move away from her. Dad punches me straight in the chest and I fall down. I can’t keep dodging everything. I must attack back if I want to survive even though they’re my parents. 

I hit my attacking Dad in the arm and knock him down. I stand up but instantly get attacked by Mom. She tries to stab me. I hit her in the head. She fell, hitting her head on the floor. 

“Mom, I’m so sorry.” 

I look back at the girl. 

“You! You made me hurt my parents.” 

She walks happily over the fallen TV. “I didn’t do anything. You hurt your own parents.” 

“No, you force them to attack me.”

She sighs. “It’s not me dumb dumb. I’m just a weak little girl with wonderful parents. I wonder how much fun we will have after you’re gone.” 

“I won’t let you take them from me.” 

I run to her and bash her with my bat. She fell over. Her teddy bear fell out of her hand. “Abbie, what’s happening?” says Dad from behind me. “Why does my arm hurt?” “Dad, are you okay?” 

I run to them, putting my bat on the coffee table. My mom wakes up from the floor, holding her head. 

“My head really hurts. Abbie, did I fall on the floor?” 

I hold my Mom’s hand. “Mom, I miss you.” 

“Why am I holding a knife?” asks her confused. 

“It’s because of her,” says me pointing to the girl. 

She stands up, holding her wounded face. She’s back to her disgusting self. “How dare you do that. You will suffer now,” screams her. 

She runs to her teddy bear and picks it up. Her skin smoothed and went back as a normal child. All of the sudden Mom stabs my arm. I jump back and get hit on the back by Dad. I kick him and get waya. As soon as the girl grabs that teddy bear, my parents get controlled again. That teddy bear must be her source of power. 

I grab back my bat, holding the pain of blood flowing on the handle. I will end this. I run towards her but Dad blocks my path. I hit him as hard as I can but the girl runs away. Mom screams from my back, running towards me with a knife. I strike her. She loses control and ends up stabbing Dda right in the guts. 


The girl laughs. “Oh look what you do now. He wouldn’t be hurt if you just give up.” “You monster!” 

She picks the knife from Mom’s hand and attacks me. Another swing, another cut. I try to attack back but she manages to cut me several times. I move back then swing hard. She dodges it as Mom strikes me. My head is spinning. I swing back and forward randomly and manage to hit the girl away. I fell to the ground. My bat rolls away to where the girl fell when I hit her. 

“No. Mom.” 

The girl knife was deep in Mom’s neck. The girl stands up with shaking legs, holding her bloody teddy bear tight. I try to move but I have no more strength to pull myself up from the puddle of my own blood. 

She picks up my bat and laughs. “I will end this now.” 

She hit me in the head with the bat. I blacked out. 


Suddenly I was awakened by the sound of a hammer hitting wood. I try to move but my whole body is roped up. My mouth is sewn together. I look at my surroundings and realized that I’m in a coffin, right at my home’s back garden. The moon is shining bright above. The little girl shows up with her teddy bear and a wooden board on her other arm. 

“Oh look. You’re still alive,” says her smiling. “Well that won’t be a problem soon.”

I try to speak back but that only hurts me more. 

“Isn’t it sad being forgotten by your own family. The ones you trusted the most.” I try to scream, the string slowly rips my lip. 

“Don’t panic. I will let you see them one last time.” 

She puts down the board and snaps her finger. Both of my parents show up then sit next to her. Dad’s gut is spewing out. Mom’s neck is almost fully decapitated. They both hug the girl with their lifeless body. 

I keep trying to scream, ripping my lips even more. 

“That’s it. you’re being too loud.” 

Slowly I rip my lips just to say something but it was too late. The girl throws the wooden board over me. I scream in pain as tears run down my cheeks. 

I heard the girl say one last thing before she buried me alive. “I’m the only child in this family.”

Writer: P. C.

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